What Moves Us

Our Vision, Mission
And Values.

Our vision

To Be A Technologic Reference For E-Mobility.

Our Mission

We Want To Be A Technological Reference For E-Mobility, Offering Solutions Of Excellence.
Generating Value For The Multiple Stakeholders: Shareholders, Employees, Business Partners And All Community.

Our Values







Our business

Spreading The Energy

We wish to contribute to the mass adoption of EVs, and since Fast Charging is a crucial element for it to happen, we looked at how we can combine our core technical skills with our passion for building new, disruptive solutions.

So i-charging was born from the vision to innovate in an already innovative sector.

We believe that new approaches can bring investment optimization, better infrastructure utilization, unlimited scalability, intelligent management, integration with different power sources, renewables and energy storage, improved interface and better user interaction.

Our Quality Policy materializes our Vision and Mission.

We want to be a global reference in the e-mobility sector, providing a distinctive offer to our Customers, communicating relevant information and generating value for our Shareholders, our personnel, our business partners and all the community and meeting the applicable legal and contractual requirements.

To achieve excellence in our Products and in our Operations, we focus on continuous improvement of our processes, minimization of environmental footprint on all our activity scope, encouragement of employees participation on hazards mitigation, supported by adequate tools and systems.